lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

Posting On

I'm rigth here in class doing something fun

I'm posting in other blogs and Im going to post from my friend...

First I posted in victorbasshugo, he's one of my friends in college. He loves the bass and he can play really well. He's post was about his talents and I jouke with him al lot so basacilly thise what its was...

"hey everyone it was an excellent day, the talent show!

i think this was the best english class i have ever been

my talent was to play the bass guitar and i play along nelson he can play the guitar,

there were a lot of different shows some of the people can cook and sing too"

I wrote him: " Ey hun! keep doing it you know you can be someone, just don't let the bass go down! =D".

I told him that so he can not quit to his dream, I want him to be happy with his live.

The Next Blog is... nelsonluizpaz89, I know him since I was in college and I really love him he is one of my best friends and i posted like these...

"Hello people!

My birthday is July Fifth (5th), I was born in nineteen eighty nine.
(1989) in Maracaibo, Zulia."

I wrot
e to him:

" Hello Hello my paz.

Our birthday its getting close we finally are gonna have 18!! =D
Hope we can be happy together and have fun!!"

I love him too so much, he is my little brother and we born from 2 days diferent

The next one its rodolfo003, he's other that grow up with me. He Nelson and I studied in the same high school..

He said: "Hello everybody: My name is Rodolfo Finol, I´m 17 years old and I am from Maracaibo originally. I study Mass communication in Urbe and I am part of the class S2A2."

And like a jouke a lot to him I call him: "
Well hello mister roboto ejeje.

I love when you have those glasses you look so COOL. Hope we can do something fun sooner!"

He's the best person that I ever know...

My new friend its the-androide-8a, I meet her last trimester and she's very funy I like her a lot and I never get borred from her.

She said "I eat so much specially chips, bread with butter, cheese, candies and every food cooking with a lot of oil."

I told her, like a jocke. "Keep trying to keep the diet "sis".

Some day you will joing me to eat sushi.. and that day youre gonna love it =3..

Its healthy and delicius! trust me!! =D" I really hope that she can understend it eejeje.

The next one and not less important its mahis116. I know her too the last trimester and she's a very fun girl.

She's always missing the streets and she put thise in her blog:

"Here is a little Map...tell me, what do you see?
Peace, Rock And Chocolate Hearseys!"

I told her " Girl thats fun... you dont know were to go! XD im messing around i love u jejeje bye"

And at the end we all have fun in the class, I get congratulations from the teacher and I think that Ill have a 20 in the trimester!! I'm so happy!!
Now I have to say good bye, the class its over...

Those are wee!

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Seventh Homework

I was born in Maracaibo the 3d of July in 1989. The first picture its me going to my cousin house and play with some babys..
In thise moment I'm in the second trimester passing for the third of mass comunication at URBE, I'm really happy from my carreer its beutiful and easy. But all its easy when you love it
I Love to dance, write, and cook a lot of stuff. Some day i'll show the world my writtings... but I'm to nervius about it and I'm not so sure about the people liking..


Oh... and thats me, when I was 15 years old.. beutiful and skinny

Sixth Homewoek

I had a great weekend.

Friday nigth.. I went to Kokai's, a sushi bar restaurant.. excelent place. With my mom, my brothers and my boyfriend. We ate a lot of fish we drank sake and talked a lot.

Saturday all day.. We went to my aunt's pool. We had tequeños and pastelitos for breakfast at 2 oclock of the afternoon.. Swan in the big pool from 230 until 6 to eat for very tastefull aunt's to ate choripanes from lunch/dinner.. very yummie. We left my aunt house at 8.

Sunday.. was really calm... i woke up early and ate lunch, my sister in law bougth a delicious cake. I swent to sleep at 12.

The pictures of the dollz are mine so please don't copy them

Fifth Homework

Carlos; hello can you help me?
Gabriela; Of curse, what can I do for you?
Carlos; I can't find the restaurant, do you know where it is??
Gabriela; Its between the bank and the library
Carlos; thanks

The pictures of the dollz are mine so please don't copy them

Fourth Homework

I´m a very healthy person, but sometimes I feel bad.

When I have a headache I take advil, if it is stronger I take excedrin.

I dont get too sick.. but from time to time I get the flu or alergies, and I go to the doctor to take some medications.

The pictures of the dollz are mine so please don't copy them

Third Homework

Christmas in England

Christmas is celebrated in England with people giving and receiving presents to family and friends. Many people share a Christmas meal of roast turkey, roast potatoes and a large choice of vegetables followed by Christmas pudding and Mince pies. They may also organize parties where beers, wine and sometimes champagne are served. Not many people go out at Christmas, unless they are going to families as on Christmas Day no shops or amusements are open.

Christmas celebrations are not just on 25th December as people celebrate on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas which is called Boxing Day.

Santa Claus is part of the Christmas festivities and small children believe he brings their presents down the chimney on Christmas Eve. No body ever gets to see him in their homes, though, because he only comes when everybody is sound asleep. Children believe that he lives in the North Pole and it is a tradition to leave a glass of sherry for Santa and a carrot for his reindeers. There is lots of excitement on Christmas morning as children get up VERY early to open their presents. In the weeks before Christmas, Santa also sits in Santa’s grotto in shopping malls where lots of different Christmas carols are played and sung. Children can go and get a small present from him.

The pictures of the dollz are mine so please don't copy them

Second Homework

Hello everyone, my name is Maria Valentina and I´m here to talk about my talents.

I dont really play any sport because i dont like to, there are better things to do...but I if would have to watch a sport I would watch football,
because that's what everyone in my family watches, I´m not really a fan but its fun to watch in crowds...I have a favorite team or player because I just watch the game.

I know how to use photoshop, it´s a little hard but with that I can make my dollz, some day I´ll show you my art.

I love to cook, but I hate my kitchen, it´s too hot! and no one can cook a cake with that temperature!

Theres other thing I can do, I write a lot, and I belive I´m good, I don´t know actually, I´m too shy to go and show it to the world, but I wanna do that someday.

I think my talents are artistic because i like to cook, to write and stuff like that.

And thats all that I like to do that I KNOW I´M GOOD


The pictures of the dollz are mine so please don't copy them